Guided Meditations for Deep Sleep

9 Guided Meditations for Deep Sleep

Listen to the serene voice and follow the guided meditations to calm down and sleep deep where your sorrows are gone.

Only 3 easy steps to a better sleep:

1. Pick one of the 9 meditations
2. Follow the instructions of your guide Loula
3. Fall into a deep slumber

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What is sleep? Why do you need to sleep at all, in the first place?

And how can meditation be of any use while you are trying to get a night of restful, peaceful sleep? You’ll find answers to all these questions below, plus the gift of guided meditations to help you get asleep faster and better. First, let’s understand what is sleep.

You might be thinking that science is so advanced these days, we are reaching Mars and whatnot! So, naturally we must be living in the best technological era humans have ever seen, right? But to tell you the truth, even with so much advancement and modernization, we know very little about the nature and purpose of sleep. Only recently researchers have been able to formulate ways to study sleep in an objective, systematic manner. Some studies suggest that we sleep in order to get rid of toxins and other impurities from our system while some say that sleep is associated with repair and restoration processes. Some other studies also suggest that only when you are asleep your brain starts processing and systematizing all the information it has collected during the day.

Importance of Sleeping Peacefully

Different scientific communities have different theories as to why we sleep, but one thing which all of them agree upon is - lack of sleep is extremely harmful to your system. Your body tends to feel tired all day long and your brain doesn’t work at its peak potential either. On top of that, if you aren’t sleeping properly, you are inviting a host of diseases and abnormalities as well. So, it’s super important to be able to sleep well.

But today’s sedentary lifestyles, careers that demand relentless work in exceedingly stressful environments and extensive use of chemical and synthetic ingredients in our diets, makes it so much harder to sleep properly, let alone peacefully! Your sleep quality could get better effortlessly if you make your life simpler but since that’s not an option for a large percentage of people, what else can be done? Is there a way to keep your sleep cycle healthy whilst still giving your hundred percent out on the battlefield? There, surely is - it’s called meditation. Well, guided meditation to be precise!

Guided Meditations and Deep Sleep

Meditation is a great tool that could help you sleep better, and not just sleep better, it helps you improve your inner chemistry on a molecular level which makes you look radiant and feel healthier like never before. Meditation, especially mindfulness meditation is also capable of improving your concentration levels and intuitive responses. In today’s scenario when ailments like stress, anxiety, and depression have become so common, making meditation a part of your life is no longer just an option but a sort of a necessity.

Having said so, it’s also important to highlight that sitting absolutely still for a couple of hours meditating or falling into a deep, meditative sleep within a few minutes of lying down is not as easy as it sounds. Not everyone would be able to do that and there are many people who need assistance (especially in the beginning) in order to become meditative and calm without making an effort. If you are one of them, trying guided meditations is highly recommended. A guided meditation literally guides you through the process, by narrating what needs to be done on every step of the process.

Our guided meditations are designed with a scientific approach to get you to a state of consciousness where falling asleep with a joyful and positive state of mind becomes very easy. You just need to put on your earphones/headset and listen to the soothing, calming voice, simply relax and follow all the instructions all closely as you can. After a few sessions, you’ll realize that becoming meditative couldn’t be easier than this.

How refreshed and re-energized you’d be in the morning doesn’t just depend on how deeply you’ve slept, but also on how and with what kind of thoughts and intentions you’ve reached that state of deep sleep. Our guided deep sleep meditations have been designed with all these little nuances to give you the best possible results. Even the music and the background images we’ve used in our meditations have a deep sense of purpose behind them. So, don’t just wait around, get our guided meditations for deep sleep now and give yourself the kind of peace, tranquility, and restfulness you truly deserve!

What you get

Over 3 hours 20 minutes - 9 guided meditations with ~20 min each in DRM-free MP3 format (iOS, Android, iPod and all other smartphones, tablets, etc). Meditations come in voice only, with music and nature sound at a wonderful calming beach.


I bought these on a friend’s insistence and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting much out of these meditations. But I am truly truly surprised! Not only has my sleep become better and more peaceful, but my sleep quota has also come down. Earlier I used to sleep for 9-10 hours and most of the time, I still felt pretty drained out, but now after following these meditations from the last 2 weeks or so, I sleep for about between 7-8 hours and I wake up smiling every morning. I feel refreshed and truly alive.

Maria L.

No matter what I tried I just couldn’t fall asleep easily. Sometimes I used to be in bed for 2-3 hours before I could sleep. It was so frustrating that I started using medication for it and as expected it turned out it wasn’t a great idea. Finally, I found my way to these meditations and I tried their free version for a couple of nights. Following all the steps wasn’t easy in the beginning but I could feel from the start that this thing has a lot of potential. I persisted somehow and now, I can tell you that these meditations really do work. I’ve been dozing off comfortably without tossing and tumbling for hours in my bed and in the morning I feel perfectly invigorated.

Sam O.

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