Never Forget Your Mindfulness Practice During Work Again. Re-energize Your Mental Power.

Mindful Moments Reminder is a OS X menu bar app and reminds you during the day to take short mindful breaks with a guided meditation.

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Struggling With Your Mindfulness Practice?

You know being mindful works for you. Enthusiastically you started to practice. Daily extended meditation, maybe using the bell of mindfulness technique, integrating tiny moments into your day while sipping your tea or coffee. But after some time the stress at work, in your private life or life in general just happens, and your practice is gone.

Skipping a day.

Than another.

And before you realize it, a week is gone and sometimes even more.

Sound familiar?

It happens to all of us.

It is not your fault.

And you are not alone.

I had the same problem.

The practice was a chore. I tried doing little mindful moments during the day when I take a break, make new tea or whatever. It worked better than a long evening meditation session. Nonetheless, stress, work and family things eventually caught up, and I started to forget to take those tiny moments.

It was especially hard for me while working on the computer, which I do a lot. Sitting there, coding or writing. Forgetting anything else. Drinking cold tea because you just slipped from my memory...

That sucked.

I needed a little helper to support me. Something that reminds me of my practice. Something like the bell of mindfulness does with a meditation session. Chiming to start the meditation and again at the end.

But I know me. A simple chime would not help me during my work. What am I supposed to do now when the bell chimes?

That's when the idea struck me.

It must come with instructions, not just a chime. Like guided meditations, just short enough for a minute.

Guided meditations help first-time meditators, so why not use it for getting into the groove of practicing mindful moments?

So, I built it, use it, and it works for me.

And it will work for you. Give it a try and get the little reminder.

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Think of it as a bell of mindfulness app but with a guided meditation instead of a gong sound.

  • Choose between 3 and 7 reminders a day
  • Choose your start and end gong (Japanese Bell, Singing Bowl, Bell, Gong)
  • Supports autostart at login
  • Runs on Mac OS 10.10+

*Your 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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About Us

My name is Jens, and I am a software developer, mindfulness coach, father, and the founder of the MindfulDevMag.

I am a thinker type and had a hard time connecting my thinking with my emotions. They were so often contradicting each other that I was paralyzed, didn't know what to do or what I wanted in life. Over the years, this worsened and was tearing me apart, resulting in psychosomatic problems.

Until I discovered the art of mental training and mindfulness. That changed my life forever. Now my thinking and emotions work together as a great team, and I am on my road to building my dream life.

Part of my dream is to help more people think for themselves and live a life they want to live and enjoy. Everything starts with your mind. And the MindfulDevMag is the place to help you with that using a unique combination of articles, books, courses, and apps.

Change your mind, change our life.