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LOGBOOK clarity - feline edition

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Clarity is Power: Our Mindful Journal helps you to gain clarity in your life

LOGBOOK clarity is a mindful journal for helping you to archive clarity about your daily life and life in general. Questions for every day that will make your days conscious again.

Our brain loves automation. For thousands of years, those are helping us, humans, to survive. Yet, at the same time, they have the drawback that we sometimes do things, that we aren't conscious about like eating a bar of chocolate in one go and wondering where it has gone. In the end of year, we are surprised that Christmas is already there, yet we are still stuck thinking last News Years Eve was yesterday. Where did the year go? Sadly, the same auto-pilot is also the reason, why we often don't realize how our life is.

How does it help you?

LOGBOOK clarity will help you to put your life into your consciousness again so that you can take control of the steering wheel. Use the auto-pilot where it is useful, and control the rest by yourself again.

You can start any any given day. LOGBOOK clarity is dateless and not fixated to any calendar week. Every week in the LOGBOOK is 7 days long and you decide when to start. The Logbook is structured into the following sections:

  1. Weekly goal planning
  2. Daily reviews
  3. Weekly review
  4. Notes

Weekly Goal Planning

At the start of each week, it is time to plan your goals for the week. Write down what you want to archive this week, what obstacles could prevent you from reaching them and how you will handle that. If you think about it in advance, you will, usually, have more possible actions at your fingertips when those things will happen.
weekly goal planning with logbook clarity Shows Feline ed.
daily review with logbook clarity Shows Feline ed.

Daily Review

Each day you review your day while your memory is fresh; at best in the evening or in the morning of the following day. If you do it later, it may already get blurry and harder to write down the important things. The Logbook will guide you with a couple of questions. Use the Smiley for how the day felt for you. If it was great, let him smile or frown, cry if the day sucked. Do as you wish. Sometimes I love to color mine out.

Weekly Review

At the end of each week, you’ll do a review of the week. It follows the same structure as the daily reviews and in addition, checks for your goals.
weekly review with logbook clarity Shows Feline ed.


At the end of the book, there is plenty of space for making more notes. Sometimes it happens, that you want to write a lot in a review, but space is not enough. That’s where you can keep going in the notes section. The pages are numbered so you can refer to them easily in your reviews.


The LOGBOOK is 92 pages thick.
  1. Weekly Goal Planning (1 spread per week)
  2. daily review (1 spread per day)
  3. Weekly review (1 spread per week)
  4. Notes (8 spread pages)
It covers 4 weeks.

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LOGBOOK clarity - feline edition

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Why only 4 weeks you might be thinking?

Three reasons:

  1. I update it regularly based on my experiences and feedback by readers and clients. You always benefit from getting the most recent version fast.
  2. If would be over 860 pages thick for a whole year, which nobody wants to write in or even carry; besides such a monster will kill any will to change one's life in the beginning.
  3. Thick journals scare people. What emotions triggers such a monster in you? Boring, hard to read school books?