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Mindfulness and Self-Reflection Exercises To Help You Grow As a Person Each Sunday In Your Inbox.

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The Mindful Pigeon Helps You To Become The Best Version Of Yourself

The Mindful Pigeon Letters is a paid newsletter that helps you grow as a person and making your dreams come true.

Each Sunday Morning, you'll receive one mindfulness, self-reflection, or affirmation-reflection exercise in your inbox. Concise and to the point as your time is precious.

Followed by the most crucial step - your action.

You'll do the exercise during the week and reflect on your experiences, thus growing week by week.

Before the following Sunday, you can report your experiences back to create a strong accountability bond. It's optional but highly encouraged, as it helps you to stick with it. I don't want you to fall off the track and never get back on like it happens with your other projects.

Take the first exercise for free and see what awaiting you.

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