About Us

TLDR; MindfulDevMag helps Thinkers to embrace their full potential with mindfulness and mental training. It was founded by Jens after he had his breakthroughs and finally was able to connect his thinking with his emotions for building his dream life. Jens is a mental trainer and mindfulness coach.

And now the longer story. In first person :-)


my name is Jens and I am the founder of the MindfulDevMag.

I am a thinker type and had a hard time connecting my thinking with my emotions. They were so often contradicting each other that I was paralyzed and didn't know what to do.

Also, my corporate jobs were draining me out, but I kept staying there for too long... Sometimes so hard that it even manifested in psychosomatic stuff like skin rashes, muscle tensions, and I also got once tinnitus from it.

Until I discovered the art of mental training and mindfulness. That changed my life forever. Now my thinking and my emotions work together as a great team, and I am on my road to building my dream life.

A pillar of my new life is helping other peoples just like my previous self to achieve the same thing. Our mind is full of bullshit and stuff from other people. Like, it took me a long time to accept that I am responsible for creating the life I want.

Not my former bosses, not the world, not the universe or whatever. Nope, my decisions brought me into those situations. And my choices brought me out of them too.

Once we move that trash out, our true self comes to light and can shine.

But enough about me. The whole MindfulDevMag world is all about you.

I believe you can have that too. And we are here to help you. So, feel free to reach out any time you got a question or just want to talk. We'll help you out.

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