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Motivation is what gets you started.
Habit is what keeps you going.

Our Habit Tracker helps you with that. Printable Habit Tracker (PDF); 3 designs, 2 styles each.

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Form Your New Habit

printable habit tracker colored version
printable habit tracker black and white version
printable habit tracker cat design colored version
printable habit tracker cat design black and white version
printable habit tracker monster design colored version
printable habit tracker monster design black and white version

About the Habit Tracker

Our Habit Tracker Printout is specially designed to make one habit stick. Yes, one. For best success, change only one habit at a time. If the first sticks, you can move on to the next one. In the end, you'll be faster and less stressed than changing multiple at habit at the same time.

It is an offline tool in the form of printable PDFs; A4 sized. It comes in 3 designs: regular, cats and monsters. Each comes in a color version and a black/white one.


Choose a habit to change or create and write it into the habit field. Next, every time you did your thing, whatever your habit change is, mark one box (one box = one day). Multiple marked boxes in a row are a streak. Your goal is to make this streak as long as possible.

If you miss one day, do not fret. Your streak breaks, but you can start a new one the next day.

Sometimes life can be hard, and circumstances prevent us from performing our habit. In these cases, a skip day is fine. Skip days will not break your streak. However, note that these should be the exception! It's too easy to get from one skip to a week or a month before you even blink. Beware of that trap.

If you like playing games on hard mode, eradicate the skip day,

Pin the printout somewhere where you see it multiple times per day. The mirror in the bathroom or in the WC can be the right places as we tend to come there frequently. Or somewhere around your desk.

Use Colors

Sure, you just checkmark those days but go with our recommendation and use colors. Colors are great visual stimulation and also influence our emotional behavior. However, the later depends a lot on our personality, so choose whatever colors you like

For a success-day, go with a bright and happy color. For the fails, take one you absolutely dislike. You do not want to see this color at all on your tracker. So, choose the most hating color you got.

Use a neutral one for the skip days.

There are no limits in the colors you can choose. It is up to you. If you are goth and love black, choose black as the success-color and pink for failures :-)

Can't I use just an App for that?

You can do that for sure, but apps have a few problems you want to avoid. First, they encourage you to change multiple habits at a time, which is helpful in later stages but hurtful with new habits. You want to focus on one and make it stick.

Secondly, many are too complicated to use to and take to long for marking a single habit. Or you start to play and mess around with their settings and get distracted. And nope, notifications in them do not really help. We got blind to many of them. Really, how often do you react to notifications on your phone?

Besides, it is too easy to skip. Just a swipe, and the notification is gone and thus the habit reminder...

With the paper version it is different. You see it in real life. Visually in front of you and as more days you complete, the more attracting it will shine. It is also giving an extra spike of happiness when you can color a success. The more sense we can involve, the better it will stick.

On the other side, coloring a failure day is extra hard, and you increase the chance of turning it into a success over any app. But ultimately, it is up to you. Choose what works for you. Yet, I strongly recommend that you give our printable Habit Tracker a chance and see for yourself how it can change your life.

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