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Stop Sabotaging Yourself and Build Your Dream Life

12 concise lessons to overcome self-sabotage and embrace your full potential. Lunch-time-sized lessons.

eBook in ePub, PDF and Kindle formats.

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The boxset edition of our short read series to help you unlocking your mind and building your dream life.

Concise and to the point. Because nobody has time to read a 300-page gorilla book and then to actually take action...

In this series Jens is teaching you the steps he had to learn to unlock his mind and finally to start building his dream life.

From the first step to accept that your current mind brought you into the mess you are stuck now and that changing your mind will bring you out of it again towards a life you actually love.

To making your conscious and subconscious mind an unbeatable team. And finally making progress towards your dream life.

Actionable and concise to the point. Guaranteed fluff-free, esoteric-free and BS-free.

Boxset with all 5 sessions.

Your current mind got you into the BS you are in now.

And the only way to get out of this mess is to change your mind and yourself.

Get the book now to unlock your mind or stay stuck in your current misery.

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What You Get

12 concise lessons to help you overcome your self-sabotaging behavior. Each lesson includes an educational part, a quick takeaway, and an exercise to get you to take action. Without action, you'll never succeed. So, get moving by picking up that book.

You'll get the workbook in PDF, ePub, and Kindle format and thus can read it on any devices, including Kindle, Smartphones, and Tablets.

Comes with lifetime updates. Whenever we update the book, you'll get the update for free.

Sneak peek of the PDF interior:

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*Sold by our resell partner Paddle. Secure and industry-trusted. Plus EU VAT if applicable

100% Money-Back Guarantee

It's not for you? That is totally fine and I do not want your money. I want happy customers. So, if you are not satisfied with the book and it do not help you, email me within 14 days of your purchase, and I give you a full refund. I don't ask questions; however, it would be great if you provide me with quality feedback so I can improve on it.

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