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How to Deal Mindfully with Obstacles

Can you imagine what is like to truly live each moment in your life? Or, what’s more, can you imagine being so immersed in what you are doing and how you are feeling, that all your worries are simple, your future desires are none-existent, and your past regrets are lessons you have learned well?

One of the easiest things to do in life is worrying about the future or thinking about the past. As if we can change those things! It’s not like it’s a problem and you shouldn’t be doing it, but what if you concentrate and become engage in what is happening right now?

When you live in the present moment you don’t have to go back and forth to your mindfulness habits. On the contrary, they are always there for you because you are always being mindful.

On every path to success are obstacles. You need to overcome those to reach your goals.

In turn, once you live more intentionally you are also choosing how to feel, what to think, and how to react, so your impulsive reactions are no longer part of your daily life.

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Mindfulness is done “each day at a time”, and “each moment at a time”, so why don’t you try doing this and see how mindfulness can help you overcome your problems, obstacles, and any other issue you have to deal with?

Keep on reading and see how mindfulness can show you the way.

Obstacles Are Like Salt in the Soup

Being peaceful doesn’t mean you won’t have any problems or conflicts in your daily life. Quite the contrary, in fact. It means that whenever you do have issues, your resilience and way of acting and coping with them will take the center of the stage.

We all go through tough challenges in our lives. I get it. From being depressed to being ill, from even feeling like your problems will never be solved, or feeling like you will never be good enough, those, unfortunately, are very common feelings.

Never give up because great things take time

Most people have also felt like their lives are completely different from what and how they had envisioned it. We tend to focus on the negative aspects a lot, but what if we shift this perception?

Of course, there are ups and downs in life, but at the end of the day, they are there for a reason. They are showing you how truly living in the present moment is rewarding. It’s not easy, but it is possible.

How Does Mindfulness Help?

There are numerous ways in which mindfulness can help you. For example: How to overcome your life’s challenges with mindfulness?

Mindfulness Shows You How to Take Care of Yourself

Being mindful is a vital and necessary part of ANY routine that deals with self-care. Once you start meditating you also start understanding yourself more, and the importance of taking care of your whole self will arrive as well.

When life throws a new challenge your way, meditate. When life is constantly throwing difficult situations your way, be mindful. Listen to your body, but also listen to your inner self.

Mindfulness Gives You a Different Perspective

Perhaps your problems are really difficult, or perhaps you are drowning yourself in a small glass of water?

Either way, whenever you start practicing mindfulness you will allow yourself to take a step back from the situation you are currently living and view (and hopefully understand) things differently, in a more objective way.

What’s more, you will also stop judging the situation and you will see it as it is. When times are hard you need to remain equal and balanced in life. Your perspective towards challenges and obstacles is what will get you out of that dark and unnecessary place you have gotten yourself into.

Mindfulness Helps You Understand and Deal With Your Anger

Have you ever felt as if your life is filled with seemingly difficult and unfair circumstances that you cannot control? So, because of your lack of control, you start getting angry. You may curse, punch the wall, or argue with those who surround you?

This anger is also teaching you something. And you can find out what that lesson is through mindfulness, as it will explain to you how and why this anger is coming up.

Eventually, you will realize that it’s better to respond accordingly to some situations, instead of reacting to them. So, inhale and exhale how many times you think are necessary, but don’t let that anger consume you.

Mindfulness Shows You How to Accept Things While Also Giving You Clarity

Whenever you feel like you are ready to overcome an obstacle, the first thing you will need to do is to accept that you cannot control things and that things cannot be changed. However, the only thing you can control is how you react to obstacles, situations, and challenges.

Through mindfulness, you will also be reminded that there’s always a different perspective that will help you see things with more clarity.

You need to remove the lid that is suppressing all your negative feelings within yourself and your emotional fog will eventually disappear. You will also start drafting a more rational and thoughtful plan of action that will help you to proceed and get on with life.

Sure, spending the day in bed feeling sorry for yourself may sound like a great plan at times, and, if you think this is necessary, then do it! But try not to make this your priority and way of living.

How about you feel sorry for a couple of hours and stay in bed and then you start meditating again? See how your mood rapidly changes.

Understand Yourself More With Mindfulness

Understand your potential obstacles and see through them. How can you learn from them? How can you navigate them? Mindfulness can definitely help you with this.

If you practice mindfulness then you can have the tools for overcoming some of life’s greatest challenges, because when having a regular mindfulness meditation practice that will allow you to overcome all the obstacles that you have in life, will, in turn, become one of the greatest favors you can do to yourself.

When being mindful, you will become aware of your thoughts and you will, hopefully, become familiar with how your mind works and how it sometimes wants to trick you to fall into a repetitive thinking pattern.

You don’t have to practice mindfulness for three hours non-stop to achieve this, in fact, even if you only practice for five minutes each day you will start noticing a difference.

You Understand Others When You Are Mindful

Relationships are difficult, there’s no doubt about it, but mindfulness can help you heal them. However, the most difficult relationship we have is with ourselves. Our inner mind can be constantly chatting with itself if we let it.

Many times, this turbulent relationship is also seen with those who surround us. Thus, it is necessary to heal our relationships and find a balance in our lives.

But what happens when the other person is not around anymore? Then you can still find a way to forgive, forget, and ask for forgiveness. You can start reflecting on the pain that you have caused yourself (or others) and be mindful of how you are feeling nowadays.

You hold the power to ask for forgiveness but also to give it to others and yourself. This way you will start your healing journey. Notice your feelings. Are you still angry? Sad? Or are you simply at peace with this decision you have made? Everything‘s valid, but this will give you hindsight of how you are feeling.


I would like to encourage you to see what works for you and how mindfulness can be a source of healing power that will allow you to have control - in a positive way- of your life again.

If you truly think about it, there are times when obstacles are there to show you the easiest route to unhappiness, depression, and anxiety. But what if you decide to look further? What if you choose to be mindful, and therefore, be healthy? Because mindfulness can help us maintain our health, and to overcome our obstacles, no matter how big or small they may seem to be.

Mindfulness will give you the ability to alleviate symptoms which can be on a physical level or in your mind. It will help you deal with anxiety, it will also provide you with a more positive outlook on life.

You don’t want to simply deal with the challenges you are facing, you want to find a healthy way of overcoming them, so they don’t have to reappear in your life to show you the unlearnt lesson again.

At the end of the day, it is up to you to live your life in contentedness and peace, which will allow you to stay in touch with yourself, each other, and with the planet, in a harmonious way. It’s not easy but its definitely worth it.


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