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5 Ways To Deal With Frustrations At Work

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It can be challenging to express yourself the way you want to in the workplace, which can quickly lead to frustration. Sometimes it’s your boss or a co-worker who is making things difficult. Another time, it’s a situation you can’t control. Constant frustration in the workplace is one primary reason why people leave a perfectly good job. What can you do to handle the frustrating situation without getting fired? Learning to handle the inevitable frustrations at work is possible! Start with these five tips.


Before you do anything, take a minute to breathe. Think about what just happened. Think about how you should respond. It isn’t always easy, especially since most of us react very quickly when emotions like anger or disappointment are involved. That is why being able to step back and consider your options is vital.

Define the Emotion

Understand what’s going on with you. By putting a name to the emotion, you can better understand your next action, especially if you already have a plan in place to deal with those emotions. Maybe you have a strategy for dealing with anger (like getting up and taking a short walk to burn off steam) or disappointment (retiring to somewhere quiet to give yourself a moment to regain your equilibrium). Self-awareness is key to defining your emotions and working with them in healthy ways.

Talk to Someone

Carefully choose who you speak to when you’re frustrated. While it’s good to discuss matters with someone who can be impartial and offer advice from a place of understanding, choosing the wrong person can have dire consequences. Resist the urge to vent to whoever is around. Instead, only share with someone you trust and who you’re sure will not end up retelling your words to others.

Look at it as an Outsider.

What would someone else see if they witnessed whatever caused the frustration? Take a step back and consider how this would look to a stranger. What would they see that maybe you’re too close to comprehend?

Consider the Future

A year from now, will any of this matter? Think about this problem from the perspective of your future self. Really how significant is this frustration?

Reacting to frustration at work can be challenging, but you don’t have to give in to the moment’s emotion with these strategies. Remember to think about what you’re doing and plan your response. There are ways to cope that won’t damage you or your career, so take heart. It does get better!

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