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Black Friday Makes Your Broke - Don't Buy. Read This Before

I know it is not the usual time but this is intentional. The Black Friday craze is starting and I’d like to give you some advice.

Fear not, I am not going to make any offers. Keep your money.

And you shouldn’t give it to all those marketers either.

It’s a huge trap and human psychology is exploited at a large scale.

  1. You don’t save money by spending it

Doesn’t matter if it is 50 or 90% off. If you don’t need it and never planned on buying it, don’t buy it. If you do, you spend money, you don’t save it.

  1. You won’t use what you buy

Seeing those price drops plays with your fears and desires. And they exploit totally so you end with tons of books, courses and other shit you never use and feel guilty and drained after you bought it.

Sure, it gives this short rush of dopamine aka joy but that is gone a few seconds later.

  1. Not everything is a discount

Just because someone puts a SALE sign and some percentages on it don’t mean a thing. They trick you by increasing prices before or just slap the sale sign over with the price staying the same.

Keep in mind, they will exploit every dark side of the human brain to make you buy stuff you don’t need to impress people you don’t like.

So don’t buy.

It’s better for your mental peace and purse.

There is one exception.

When you planned on buying something long before and need or want it for a longer time. And it is a real discount now, go ahead and buy it. Just don’t add more stuff and let the urge to buy more win.

I know it is hard but I believe in you. You can withstand it. Take a few breaths before you hit any buy buttons so the urge to buy can fade away.

And it will.

It will also get easier with practice.

This year you can win over your urges! I believe in you :-)

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