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Breathing Is More Than Life

We all breathe. Every day. Every second. Without breathing, we will die.

It’s natural. Air in, air out. We don’t even pay much attention to it. Except for the cases that it is missing. Suddenly we become aware of it and desperately want it.

But breathing can do so much more than just keeping us alive. It can calm us or disrupt our thoughts.

For example, yesterday in a community chat, I was asking a question and this guy, let’s call him Y, got inspired by it and wanted immediately to jump into research and drop all the other things he was supposed to do.

A quick reminder to stop and take a few breaths instead solved the problem for Y. The temptation for the new shiny thing faded.

Breathing calms the mind.

And a calm mind can think and act clearly; disrupting automatic behavior too.

Test it, no matter the problem and you’ll experience it yourself.

I’ve created a few breathing exercises on TikTok as a companion to the breathing timers on the site. Also, experimenting with different styles.



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