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Getting Back On Track

Fridays’ email was a total fail because it was not sent due to a technical failure. Instead, you got a read on Sunday :-)

It’s also a great opportunity to introduce the next essential for achieving goals.

Obstacles, failures, and getting back on track.

There will always be obstacles in your way to your goals. No matter what.

Even for a tiny goal like getting the spaghetti bolognese from a 7eleven conbini (totally delicious btw).

The main obstacle?

I am not even close to one.

Or more precise, the next conbini is an 11:30h flight away.

That comes with some additional obstacles like the costs of a flight and of course, we are still in a worldwide pandemic.

You see, there will always be obstacles.

And with obstacles, there will come failures.

Sometimes those obstacles are huge or you are missing an essential stop or lack something, need to change something. And plenty of stuff more.

It’s inevitable.

Failure is part of success.

And here comes the most important thing about obstacles and failures.

It’s getting back on track.

It’s like learning to ride a bike. You will fail, fall from the bike, and might get scared that it happens again and rather stop riding the bike at all.

As I taught my daughter in that situation, get up, and do it again. If you stop now you give in to your fear and it will stop you from riding the bike.

Best thing you can do is to get up and continue asap. Conquer your fears.

Same for other obstacles and failures.

Don’t give up and get back on track.

Missed a writing session for your blog? -> Don’t fret, and write on the next day again.

Missed your mindful meal? -> Don’t fret, continue next meal.

Bought that to do coffee again even you quit? -> Don’t fret and don’t buy it next time.

See, there is no way to your goal without obstacles and failure. There are no hacks, secrets, or whatever people want to sell you.

You have to do something and you will face obstacles. And you will fail.

But you can also get up every time and continue towards your goal.

It’s a learning experience and you might need to change something. Maybe you need to change yourself, your behavior, or something else.

Whatever it is, do it and get back on track.

If you lie near the track and stop now, you’ll never achieve your goal. You gave up. And you’ll regret it at some point in your life.

So, get back on track now!

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