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How Do You Deal With Frustration?

Frustration is part of life. If you want it or not. Wherever you go and whatever you want to get, I can tell you there’s a lot of frustration waiting for you.

It’s one thing in life we can’t avoid. But unlike death, you can build up resistance.

And the better you can resist and endure frustration, the better your chances at succeeding are; whatever your goal.

So, I started seeing it as practice. Every time frustration visits me, it is an opportunity in practicing how to deal with it so it does not stop me.

The giveaway on Saturday was such an opportunity. And a fine one as participation was at a whopping 0. Yep, nobody cared. And that is ok.

Fortunately, it provided an opportunity for talking about frustration.

Before I share my top tip, I invite you to share your top tip in dealing with frustration; reply to this email, or use the feedback system below.

I’ll share all the tips with you; anonymously of course.

Now, to the tip.

Don’t have expectations.

What I realized this year is that my frustration gets stronger the more expectations I put into the thing before.

When I had high expectations of reaching something and my result was miserably tiny compared to my expectations, the frustration was huge.

With low expectations, the impact is not that big.

Let’s use the giveaway as an example as it’s the most vivid for me right now.

I had close to no expectations at all for it. And as result, the frustrations were almost not existent after see absolute zero interest in it.

Of course, it brought up frustration from a related topic but that wasn’t specific to this event.

On the other side, had I put high expectations in the giveaway, my frustration would be huge today.

Both, expectations and frustration, are solely created by your mind. And you can change that.

Now’s your turn with sharing your top tip for dealing with frustration. So, either reply to this email or use the feedback system below.



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