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Is It Important?

Stop whatever you were doing before, take a short break and reflect if this thing or the next thing you were going to do is actually important.

Does it help you to achieve your goals?

If it is not, why are you doing it?

Of course, there are tasks you need to do like taxes or your job but those should still fit into your plans. If they don’t and just waste your time and drain your energy, it’s time to rethink.

Or do you want to stay in a shitty job for 40 years and then die on your first day of retirement? How does that help you with achieving your dreams?

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Improve Your Focus

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Find Your WHY

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Reduce Stress with Mindfulness

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52 Questions for Self-Improvement

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Mindfulness Reminder

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Get Clarity through Journaling

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Focus Your Mind with Sound

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Relax and Sleep Deep

Guided Meditations for Deep Sleep