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It's Your Track And It Is Not A Highway

Once you set your goal, you are eager to start.

It’s clean, it’s insight, and you want to get there asap.

At best in one sprint. Straight from the start to the goal.

Set! Go! Done!

Fortunately, life isn’t like that.

Reaching your goal isn’t a 100m sprint. Nope, it’s more like a cross-country ultra-marathon.

Running for a long time across the wilderness in unknown terrain.

There’s no highway to reach the end.

Just bush after bush and tiny invisible paths.

You need to slow down to minimize the wrong turns and find the right passages; preserving your energy.

If not, you pass out in the wilderness and wake up with no clue where you are and what to do next.

It’s essential to accept that you are on a journey, a long one, with many wrong turns until you finally reach your goal.

Accepting this helps you to manage your own expectations, one of your worst obstacles, and the bunch of negative emotions that come with it. Being frustration the biggest.

The other thing it helps to understand is that your way is your way and not the one of others.

Meaning, even when others have reached your goal, it’s not helpful to follow in their footsteps step by step.

It was the way that helped them. It was the right way for them in terms that they achieved their goal.

It does not mean that it is the right way for you.

You are not that other person. You are you. With your own background, mind, and baggage.

And you are on your way. Not theirs.

Following Micheal Jordon’s way step by step won’t make you the next basketball star. Nor does following Elon Musk step by step make you a successful entrepreneur.

That does not mean, you must ignore the experiences of others. Of course, you can and should learn from others.

But you need to reflect on it and adapt it to your situation.

Skip this crucial step and you’ll find yourself lost in the wilderness, wondering why it’s not working for you.

Think about it.

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