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New Year, New Start

I hope you had a good start into the new year and are generally fine regardless of any lockdown.

Usually, a new year brings a breath of fresh air with it. And following my twitter timeline, it does. Although, we still have the old lockdown.

But’s good to see when people don’t let such things stop them and they start working on their dreams.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll write more about focus and goals, goal setting, and such to help you get the most out of a fresh start. So, keep an eye on your inbox and make sure to whitelist my email address.

This year brings also a new change but before I’d like to point you to a new page where you can listen to all our audiobooks. Everything I published under How To Relax and MindfulDevMag so far; ranging from Becoming Mindful to Find Your Why plus some brand-new stuff.

If you rather listen than read thenĀ Become the Best You is the place for you.

Now, to the changes.

I’ll write less in the near future and will reduce the newsletter frequency to 1 email a week or maybe every 2-weeks. I am not sure yet when the change will be in effect and how often I’ll write but it will happen.

The reason is simple and I am brutally honest with you and me.

I am not getting a return out of it in any form that justifies the time I spent writing Once a week. So, I have to sacrifice it to make room for other tasks that can provide for my income and independence.

I tried a couple of things on the newsletter but it’s not working for me. And quite often I tried stuff that’s contrary to my own beliefs.

I don’t like that promotion stuff and would rather love people buying my products because they see for themselves that it helps them.

However, that’s not happening and I am doing a lousy job at showing that better.

Anyway, I am taking a mindful approach, accept it without complaining, and will change my perspective and see what new insights it might bring.

Just wanted to be open with you ;-)

So, Friday we’ll start with goals and co.

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