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Nothing Seems To Work? Now What?

There are times you’d like to bang your head on the wall because nothing seems to work.

I think we all have those moments from time to time. I do, right now.

But the newsletter is about you, not me and my wall. So, we leave it at that.

What is more interesting, is how we handle those situations?

Why do we even have that feeling of nothing is working?

And what do we do now? Start complaining about everything is bad and never anything works out?

Or maybe something else?

Think about it for a moment. What do you do? And does it help you?

I realized this year that not the thing itself is the problem but rather my expectations. My expectations were not met.

When the difference between my expectations and reality is over a certain threshold, I get the urge to bang my head on the wall out of frustration.

Once I realized it, it became easier to get out of these frustration pits but I still hit them.

So, the big question for me is now.

How can we prevent it in the first place? Is it even possible?

Can we really have zero expectations? Is that healthy?

Feel free to think along with me.

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