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Run By Emotions

When things can go wrong, they will go wrong. Like with Friday’s newsletter that happened to be sent on Sunday due to technical issues.

It’s also a great reminder of staying mindful. Sure, I could get angry at my email provider now and curse them and mutate into a Karen.

Or I just accept that it happened and move on. Nobody got hurt here anyway.

But accepting and moving on is something quite challenging for a lot of folks nowadays. Or maybe it was always, and the internet only makes that more visible for all of us.

Before the internet, you could’ complain to yourself and the few people around you. And at some point, others would just tell you to stop or ignore you. You would stop, your emotions fade and you can move on.

But with the internet, you’ll find plenty of people that love to chime in and complain together with you. Or you meet the other type that starts trolling you to heat up your emotions.

See, emotions are great but it’s pretty unhealthy for you to stay in the “ruled by emotions state”.

Especially, the negative ones like complaining, anger, hate, jealousy, etc.


When they rule, your thinking is gone, your actions become irrational and at some point hostile towards others.

At the same time, you’ll move down the spiral of doom where you’ll only see the negative things. In yourself, your life, in others, the whole world.

In the end, you’ll make your life and that of others miserable.

Don’t go that way.

Instead, learn to control your emotions and prevent them from overtaking your mind.

That doesn’t mean to become a robot. It’s about still being in control and not handing that off to your emotions entirely.

As a result, you can stay calm and think and act clearly.

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