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Sabotaging oneself is common among humans and probably one of the biggest reasons why so many people fail at achieving their goals, in life, anything.

We all do it. More or less.

I think we can agree on that, can we?

It’s not that we start our days and consciously decide, “how can I fuck up my life today”.


Most of the time we aren’t even aware of it. That’s not surprising at all. It runs on a subconscious level.

Most of our mind runs on this subconscious level.

That’s what I’ve been telling you over and over again in my emails. It’s where your problems start and it’s where the solution to fixing those problems is.

Not in the outside world.

It’s inside you.

The best relaxation technique, yoga style, coming out of debt tactic or whatever fix for your most pressing problem isn’t going to help if you don’t unarm the saboteur in your mind.

I am trying to help you with that. Unarming that sabotaging bastard so you can stop your chaos and build something you’ll love.

If you let me help you. That decision is yours to make.

I’ve collected some of my recent emails and added further lessons on dealing with that sabotaging in a short reads series. Perfectly bit-sized for your lunch break or so.

The series is called “Unlock Your Mind: Overcome Self-Sabotage and Ignite the Full Potential Of Yourself” and you can get it on Amazon.

Session 1: Perception and we are living in our own reality bubbles. Get it here.

Session 2: Is about thoughts and circumstances. Get it here.

Session 3: Willpower and discipline are good but habits will help you better. Get it here.

Session 4: A 2-step process for changing sabotaging habits. Get it here.

Session 5: Mindfulness for observing and dirupting bad habits. Get it here.

If you followed along with our recent emails, you can skip sessions 1 and 2 and directly start with session 3. Of course, if you want to support us, feel free to buy the others anyways. I genuinely appreciate it.

And if you don’t like our newsletter or the stuff we publish, feel free to unsubscribe at any time. No hurt feelings.

What events are sabotaging your life?

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