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Sometimes You Need To Retreat And Reconsider Your Options

Sometimes things might not be working out as you wanted. We all experienced that in our lives.

You can either push through and trying to force it or you quit. However, there is also a third option. We retreat and reconsider our options and then decide on how to proceed.

There’s no shame in any of these.

I am at this point right now and chose step 3. Retreat and reconsider. And that’s where you come on the stage and decide what my options are.

See, I started How To Relax as a result of a near burnout and after quitting my job in 2016. Yep, just quit without having a new one and I did not want one. I wanted to take a break and get back to normal.

Didn’t go as planned, of course.

If your bank account starts shrinking and you aren’t used to that, it creates new stress. And with this stress came an a cycle of starting my own business, freelancing to get money in, figuring out and solving my mindset, finding my why, and a lot of fear and anxiety of the unknown.

Was a nice rollercoaster ride of shit and some fun.

Until 2019 turned into 2020.

Everything got clear. I had a goal, I had plans to achieve it.

I want to help others getting their mind clear so they can go after their dreams; free of the bullshit that held me back too. While publishing my own products and making a decent living. Nope, no millions for me. Decent living is fine.

But my plans are not working out and that means I am doing something wrong.

I tried pushing through and that did not work.

Quitting is no option at the moment.

Leaves me with retreating and reconsidering my options.

But what are my options?

What would help you?

Where are you stuck?

What did you want to get out from the newsletter?

What’s your dream?

How can I help you?

There’s no shame in asking for help. It’s human.

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