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There Is More In You Than You Think

We all are born into this world with huge potential. We can become anything. Ok, almost anything, at least as we can’t transform into an eagle or things like that. Maybe one day, when another fellow human being reached their potential and found a way to do so.

See, we all enter this world with that potential, but many of us are not using theirs. They don’t grow, they stay stuck in their tiny frame. A frame that quite often only exists in your mind.

Holding you back way below their potential.

We begin to tell ourselves that we are not made for that because of x,y,z or why we can’t do that because of a, b, and c.

But that is not true.

There is this huge potential lying dormant in you, blocked by all the negativity and BS that clogs your mind.

It’s like you are walking around with a huge prisoner’s ball from previous centuries on your ankles. Or you threw too many used diapers into your toilet and now…

Now way to flush, uh reach your potential.

Let me tell you a secret to fix that.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

See, we all are born with potential but we all are born differently. Not only in physical or mental ways but also in our potential. And what exactly that is for each of us.

Totally different, so why compare yourself to someone else? That other person is not you.

Do you think it makes sense to compare myself to Usain Bolt, the fastest sprinter on earth, and beat myself up afterward because I can’t run like him?

I am more like a turtle and he is the rabbit. Why should I compare a turtle with a rabbit in a rabbit discipline?

Sadly, we do that. With so many things and people. In the end, we feel stuck and stop doing anything. Besides getting down.

Over time we stop believing in ourselves. We stop believing there is potential in us. We give up and stop to grow.

The truth is, we are all different. Constantly comparing ourselves and gaining our self-worth from feeling better than the others, is the clog.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Do your own thing and become better at the things you do, feel, and think. There’s plenty of room to grow.

And if you ever feel the urge to compare yourself, compare yourself now to the version of you a year ago.

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