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Time To Reflect On Your Path

It’s summer break in many countries, the summer solstice is already over and we are on the way to shorter days already.

Before we even realize it, half the year is over.

Good time to use that flow and rethink about your path in life.

So, take yourself some time, a nice spot in nature, grab a tea, coke, beer, or whatever your beverage of choice is and reflect on your current life situation.

Are you happy with it? Are you satisfied?

Should things go on like they are doing now?

Is there anything that you would like to change?

Are there any feelings or thoughts pulling on you? Is there something on your mind for some time you haven’t pursued yet?

What would you do, if a fairy flies by and hands you a magic wand? You can swing it 3 times and whatever you wish for becomes real. What would you wish for?

Think about those. There is no right or wrong.

Also, feel free to chat with me about your thoughts. Happy to help.

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