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What Mindfulness Taught Me

Mindfulness taught me many things and one is that there are many things out of my control. And so, things can come as they do and I can not change it.

The only thing I can do is to decide how I want to act based on the event.

Accepting that reduced tons of stress and rumbling thoughts. Like yesterday.

I was checking my emails before I going to bed, which I had better not done. And there this dooms email was sitting. ACX, an audiobook publishing service, notifying me that I can’t publish the audiobooks of Mindful Living and Simplifying Your Life With Mindfulness because of some issue.

With an issue that is not easily fixable. Maybe it is not fixable in a reasonable effort too.

Anyway, in the old days, my mind would have gone wild. Rumbling on this shit, getting freaked out, and a sleepless night ahead… Going all-in on the negative side.

But not yesterday. Even my thoughts were “Damn, why now - shit does everything start to crumble now?”, I kept calm and went to bed.

Of course, I could not sleep directly. My mind was working. But it was not rambling, it went on a totally different route. It started to access my available options.

So, I got up again, messaged someone who’s likely to get the same probs as me now, and checked some options I could go. And 15 min later, I was back in bed and my mind was quiet.

I wish I had learned that earlier in life. That, someone, had taught me that as a kid. However, I can’t go back in time - maybe if I find the right police box or DeLorean :-)

I can only change the now and teach others like you now. And I love that :-)

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