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When You Feel Lost And Stuck

The worst thing with feeling lost and stuck is that you can’t think and feel clearly anymore. Everything is shaded by this huge roadblock in your life, whatever that is for you.

What I found out is that I need to get as much distance to the roadblock as I can.

When I get that distance, my emotions and thoughts loosen their grip. I can think clearly again. Which is the main goal.

Emotionally overwhelmed brains make bad decisions.

Get distance, get calm, and make better decisions.

If you feel lost and stuck with what is happening at the moment, deep calm breathing is an excellent way to get rid of the overwhelm.

But that does help little overtime when the roadblock is huge like your work and takes over your mind. So, that if you are not at the problem, you still think about how to fix it.

In the end, the problem becomes your life.

I mean, I did my workouts, walking, Tai Chi, and other things to reduce the stress it created for me but the problem came back every morning.

The only way was to get rid of the problem.

Now, that is the tough part.

And your mileage may vary depending on your roadblock.

In my case, it meant quitting my job without having a new one or even planning to have one. Something I don’t recommend unless you have enough money to live by for a half a year or longer and/or have a super supportive environment.

Taking another job with less stress is the next option. Less stress is key, money is not.

Now you got distance, less stress and your mind can calm down. Once you can think clearly again, you can set and follow a new path.


When you are stressed and emotionally overwhelmed, your decisions will likely be bad.

Your objective #1, your goal, is to calm your mind so it can think clearly again. You make better decisions when you are calm.

Some decisions can be tough but it is your life. Others can give you advice and offer help but ultimately, the decision is yours to make. You are the captain of your life. You decide where your life is heading. Good and bad.

Where are you heading to?

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