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When Your Financial Situation Is Stressing You Out

A few weeks ago I sent you the magic wand question aka what would you change in your if a fairy hands you a magic wand. First, I’d like to thank you guys for replying back. That sparked some wonderful chats I had with you. And it gave some insights on how we can serve you better.

Today, I’ll dive into one topic that came up. Stress caused by a financial problem. And in most cases this was debt.

To make this clear up front, we are not turning into a financial advisory newsletter but I’ll cover an essential thing as it’s important to deal with stress.

Any stress-relieving method helps. The thing is, they mostly help to relieve short temporary stress. Of course, some make you more resistant overall like mindfulness or meditation in general. But there are limits too.

If the thing that causes the stress stays for a longer period of time, it will stress you regardless of how good your stress resistance is. And it will cause damage. Mentally and later physically. That’s how bad stress aka distress works.

What bad stress is, depends on the person. You and I and Bob and Alice all perceive that differently. Have 1000$ debt might stress you out but maybe Bob isn’t stressed at all.

Sure, we can cope a bit with it by doing Yoga, pilates or taking baths. But they have their limits.

You can take baths with oils and flowers, listen to nice music, go for a walk or do Yoga as long as you want, it will not emove the debt, your stressor. As long as this one is there, you will have stress. Period.

If you are in such a situation, only fixing the problem will help you to solve the stress issue. All relaxation techniques can aid you in that but they will not fix the issue. They will not fix your debt. They help you to stay calm and sane and do the right things. But they will not reduce the debt itself.

If that would work, I’d just take a loan of a million dollar and meditate my debt off. Yay!

Doesn’t’ work.

Paying off the debt is the only thing that will help. Sounds scary. But the good thing is that it is still in your control. You can control how you pay it off, you can control how you deal with it.

Some parts are easy, some are hard. Honestly, we are dealing with the bullshit in our mind, often facing the demons causing this mess in the first place. We need to overcome them. That can be scary, that can be hard. But it is always in our control. We can control it. And what you control you can change for the better.

Keep in mind you will have to fix the cause of the stress and you have control over it. Next time, we dive into some strategies.

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