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Why Blaming Your Circumstances Makes You A Loser

Your life could be better if you were not stuck in this situation? That’s the BS we love telling ourselves. But it is totally wrong.

Too many people blame the circumstances they were raised in, their environment for their lack of a fulfilling life. And before you blink, they start to blame politics, companies, the economics, and everything else. Before they realize it, the whole world is at fault for their situation.

They went down a deep, deep rabbit hole without even realizing it. But the worst is yet to come.

At the end of the tunnel is the suffering of being an endless helpless victim.

Yeo. They gave up control of their own life and put it into the hand of whoever is passing by.

But the good thing is, they can come out of this rabbit hole. Or not even going it down in the first place.

You can take back control of your life.

You can take it back, and before you even realize, you are back in your garden where the rabbit hole started. But this time, you fill-up the hole and instead build yourself a beautiful garden.

With a life you love.

I know that might seem impossible for you right now. But let me assure you, it is not. And I am going to tell you why.

It all has to with plants.

Like plants, we have no control over where our seed was planted, or where we grew up. We have no control over the weather. Nothing.

The only thing we can control is ourselves.

We can control how we think, how we act, and how we perceive our world.

And those decisions of your past are the reason why you are here now. You can grow up as the best oak ever, but if you take the wrong thoughts and actions, you can still end up in a desert, and your life will suffer.

The good thing is we can change our destiny. We can change ourselves, and we can change our environment.

You can change yours.

It’s like planting a seed and taking care of it.

You start with the seed. It can be as tiny as a strawberry seed or as big as coconuts.

And then you take care of it. You water it. Give it enough light. Keep off the insects and everything else to make it grow.

Before long, you can harvest your first strawberries and coconuts.

And sooner than later, you’ll live in a beautiful garden.

It all started with a tiny seed.

A seed you can plant today.

Pick just one tiny thing you want to change; it does not matter what. Just do it right now.

And take care of it.

It’s your seed.

It’s your future.


Your parents, place of birth, and the situation you grew up in were out of your control. But everything else was created by your thoughts and actions.

We choose bad friends. We choose a bad neighborhood. We choose to spend over budget. Whatever it is for you, take responsibility and move on.

You are responsible for making it better now.

Reflection Exercise

Pick one tiny thing you can change today. That’s your seed. Now, take care of it. Every. Single. Day.

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