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Why It Is Not Your Fault But Your Responsibility

Fault and guilt are words I try to erase from my vocabulary. They never help and make things only worse.

See, the situation you are in right now is a result of your past thoughts and actions and your current ones. However, that does not bring any fault with it.

Simply because you weren’t aware of it. It’s not like someone hands us a manual for our brain shortly after we were born.


No manual. Not in during childhood, teen years, and not even later.

It does not exist.

Instead, we learn from our surroundings. Our parents, families, friends, neighborhood, and even today from our peers and other groups we belong to. Even those social media apps do that to you.

You’ll pick things up if you want or not because it is happening on a subconscious level.

Your people think money is bad, you’ll probably think that too. And act like that.

Same with all other things. It can be anger, way of dealing with stress, blaming others because of mistakes one made, and so on. The list is sheer endless.

See, there is nothing you could have done about it. Nobody taught you before. It’s not your fault.

Erase that from your mind.

What you should not erase is responsibility. What happened in your past is not your fault, but it still is your responsibility.

And it is, even more, your responsibility to get out of your situation. Your life, your responsibility.

And the key to this is to master your mind. Become aware of what is happening in your mind and take back control of it.

Fight of these stupidities from the outside, those limiting believes that only hurt you.

The mind manual is right in front of you. In my emails, in our books, courses, and even more in our coaching program.

You just have to pick it up and get started.

If you do so, we’ll help you to succeed. And I want you to succeed. That’s why I added a 14-day free period to our Inner Peace program. You can start for free today.

But ultimately, it is your choice, your responsibility. Stay where you are now and let things become worse or start your change for the better.

Your choice to make now.

I can’t decide that for you.

I just am happy to have created my manual and being able to share it now.

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