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Why You Are Not Your Thoughts

A moment before, you were sitting in a lovely cafe, sipping some cocktails, having fun. Then you remembered that evil teacher you got in 5th grade punishing you because you forgot your homework. Your pulse goes up, your hands get sweaty, and you feel this anxiousness crawling up…

And the good mood is gone…

What just happened here?

We’ll get to that in a few seconds. It just one of the harmless thoughts you get all day long. Sometimes scary thoughts are popping up like:

You were walking down the road, seeing a guy in front of you, standing on a ladder, and your brain happily shouts, “push that ladder, you can do it.”

And you get scared. Did I really just think that? Why did I think that? I am not evil. Or am I?

Chances are you are not evil.

It’s just your brain fucking up your life.

As I said in my last email, your brain can be a powerful superhero or an evil villain sabotaging your life.

It depends on us how we want to use it. And we do so by training it.

But before we need to understand what is happening here in the first place.

Our brains’ purpose is to secure our survival as an individual and on a species level. For that, it thinks all day long.

Processing what we see, hear, smell, and everything else that is being worked on in the backend based on our past experiences.

All-day long.

That is normal. Otherwise, it could not fulfill its duty.

Now, let’s connect that to the evil thoughts.

Our brain is not one single solid block. It’s more like a supercomputer running multiple programs. All are having their purpose and own intelligence.

And together they make up us.

Our mind is like a sports team. Whatever game is your favorite, there are different roles in a team. You got a coach, a trainer, physicians, goalie, striker, defender, or whatever role exists in your favorite sports. You know that better than me.

And they all work together so the team can win.

It’s the same for our minds.

And that is totally normal and has nothing to do with multiple personalities. Multiple personalities is an illness. What we talk about is the foundation of our minds.

There’s a special role in this team, the observer. It’s like a coach on a sports team. You probably have met him or her in your life. It’s this strange feeling you get when you can watch your own thinking. It’s also the voice in your head when you actively think.

It’s also that what we think is ourselves. But it is just one aspect.

Now imagine this team is on field 24/7/365. Everyone does its job, and they chatter. This chatter pops up as thoughts. Sometimes by random, sometimes as a result of their job.

For example, in the cafe scenario from the beginning, it could be a smell that reminded us of that teacher. And because one part of our mind classified that as a danger in the past, and now someone got a signal (the smell), it could be possible that the danger is near us.

Normal reaction of our brain. We just never adjusted the notifications.

In “push the ladder,” the reason could be that we were angry about something else and our anger needed to vent. Or just a dumb thought out of plain boredom.

There can be multiple reasons, and none has to to with you as a person. You are not your evil, dumb, horrifying, or whatever thoughts you got.

It’s more that your brain behaves like an untrained puppy. Humping on your legs, eating your shoes, destroying the couch, and pooping on your carpet.

If you let it do that, your life will be full of poop. So, train it if you want a clean house.

Also, remember.

You are not your thoughts. You are not that puppy. But it belongs to your household, and it’s your responsibility to take care of it. It’s your team, after all.

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