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Why You Are The Creator Of Your Own Reality

you might be wondering why I talked about perception and living in a bubble in my last email.

The answer to that is simple.

It’s the first step towards building your dream life.

Whatever that looks to you.

I’ve been pondering for years about why some people just go out, do their stuff, and build their life. And others sit there, wondering what happened and some even start to complain about the world being unfair.

No judgment here.

There are countless variations between those ends. I’ve gone through that too.

Until a wall in my mind finally broke and I realized why.

It’s my perception. My bubble. I am living in my own bubble.

And with that came the next breakthrough.

Who did put me into THAT bubble?

It was me.

I did create that bubble. I did create my reality.

It was me, nobody else.

This lesson was so important to learn because it changed everything.

It gave me power. Power to change the bubble and me.

That the second step in building your dream life.

Accept that you created your current life and you can change it. You have the power.

You are responsible for being in the mess you are currently in.

And you are responsible for getting out of it.

When I say responsible I do not talk about guilt or fault. These are concepts that don’t help you at all. They make things worse.

It was created by your conscious and subconscious actions. The stuff you do and think daily.

And the beliefs you grew up with. The stuff we subconsciously learn from our environment. Our parents, grandparents, friends, society and everything else.

We all took building blocks of their bubbles and integrated it into ours. Most of the time on a subconscious level, meaning we don’t even realize we did that. We are still doing that.

It’s like picking up your mother tongue as a child.

I know that is something that needs time to accept. But it is essential.

We all live in our bubbles. We all created our bubbles. Intentionally and unintentionally. And we can change our bubbles to the way we want.

If you only take one thing away from today’s email, let it be that you have the power to change your life.

That’s it for today. Next time I show you that the be yourself wisdom is bullshit and how it prevents your change.

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