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You Can Practice Mindfulness In Many Ways

When people think about practicing mindfulness, they usually think about formal mediation sessions. And forget that there are other ways to pracitice.

You can practice it with anything you do.

If you wash the dishes, wash the dishes. Don’t think about anything else. Just be there and wash the dishes.

Same for eating, drinking tea, buying groceries or cleaning the bathroom.

Whatever you do, be aware of it and focus on your doings.

That’s practicing mindfulness.

There are plenty of opportunities in your day.

You don’t have to sit still for 20 minutes or so.

Those tiny moments of practice sum up at the end and you gain more than forcing yourself into meditation.

Don’t get me wrong. Meditation is a superb tool and I believe anybody should do it. But I also know it is not the only way and it is not for everyone.

The best thing to practice is the thing you can stick with.

If you can stick better with a daily medittion session, go for it. If eating your lunch mindfully is your thing, go with it.

If coloring pages work for you, use that (or that).

As long as you stick with your practice all is fine.

Find your way to practice mindfulness and go with it. Not sure yet what your thing is? Try things until you will eventually find it.

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