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Your Mind Determines Everything

It’s fascinating how people can read the same emails but react totally differently to it. That’s the power of our reality bubbles - our perception and perspective.

See, this is so important that I am writing tons of emails on these things recently. Knowing these effects will help you to reduce your judgments of yourself and others. It will help you to have some more understanding of why people behave as they do.

And it also helps you that you can change your life by changing your mind. It all starts in your head.

Good and bad.

The responses I got to my last 2 emails are fine examples for that. They all read the same words, the same emails but they all reacted differently to it.

Ranging from “you are spot on, and if you don’t change your perspective you are a loser” to “stop calling people losers you compassionless guy - it says a lot about you…”

I don’t judge any of them. And my mindfulness practice helped me to not get offended either.

See, each of them lives in their own reality bubble just as you and I do. They read my words through their bubble as you do. They react through their bubble as you do too.

You shape your bubble.

Do you want one full of anger, misery, and alike?

Do you want a pink pony yard?

Or one where you can live your dream life?

Chose wisely how you want to shape it.

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