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Your Resistance Makes It Painful

I was working on a project on Tuesday and the list of tasks kept growing and growing. And, of course, my motivation died and my resistance to even work on it raised.

And with it came the pain because there was no way around finishing it. There’s money involved, a deadline, and that I keep my promises/deals.

So, I had to finish but just pressing through wasn’t an option.

Instead, I picked one of the simpler tasks and started doing that to get momentum back.

Giving my mind a chance to rest, focus on something else, and eventually giving up resisting at all.

The pain I felt was only there because of my resistance. Not because of the tasks at all.

But when you are in such a state, it’s a bye-bye to clear thinking. Your emotions rule.

Thankfully, mindfulness taught me to realize what’s going on in my mind and also to clear it again.

In the end, I got even some of the daunting tasks done and am back to my plans.

So, remember. The pain you feel in such a situation is often caused by your own resistance. And this one is build up in your mind.

Quite often exaggerating the real things.

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