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Your Worldview Is Wrong And Why That Is Crucial To Know

Yes, your worldview is wrong. As is mine. And everybody’s else.


Because we view the world through a lens. This lens is our perception. We essentially live in our own bubble of what we think is the world.

Sometimes these bubbles intersect with the bubble of someone else and sometimes not. Sometimes they are even opposing our bubble. The other persons’ bubble looks like a needle. It can pierce ours, so we try to protect it.


Yelling and shouting.

With our claws.

With brute force.

And even killing the other person.

A fellow human being.

Over what we think is the world, is the truth.

However, the truth is, the world is all that and none of it.

Mindfulness taught me that I am living in a bubble. That my perception of the world is shaped by my mindset, my past, and my experiences. All the input my mind ever received, all the BS thoughts it came up with, created my perception.

It is different than yours. We are not the same person.

We might share some views, we might be opposed in others.

But none of us has the truth.

Mindfulness taught me that too.

It taught me that my bubble might be wrong.

That I should observe more. Reflect more.

That I should not judge others. Nor me.

It also taught me to look inside for the problems. And the solutions.

Many of our problems are created by our mind and our perception of the world. Others are even self-fulfilling prophecies because our beliefs made them come true. Our bubble can change our reality.

For the good or the bad.

How do you want to change yours?

Mindfulness and looking inside of you might have an answer for you.

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