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I still remember my first encounter with mindfulness and how my skeptical me at that time though, “WTF?”. It sounded too much esoteric, fluffy and bullshitty to me. Man, was I wrong!

Luckily, my ego and the skeptical parts got out of the way, and I could experience it first hand. Now I am happy that I did as it helps me a lot with taming my mind or however you want to call it. It got quiet up there, and the grip of fear and all that other bullshit is loosening.

I am not alone with this. It is a typical result of the skepticals on that path as the journey of Fionntan (P. 11) shows. Furthermore, it is no different for the other contributors as they all had this skeptical moment. Andrea (P. 14) took the scientific road, while Myra was introduced to mindful eating , and Aleena found her way by walking mindfully.

Mindfulness is not sitting still and thinking “omm”. There are a plethora of ways you can practice being mindful. Learn some in this issue.


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Improve Your Focus

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Find Your WHY

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Reduce Stress with Mindfulness

image and link to an Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

52 Questions for Self-Improvement

image and link to 52 self-improvement questions

Mindfulness Reminder

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Get Clarity through Journaling

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Focus Your Mind with Sound

image and link to - Ready to reduce stress, eliminate distractions, and live with more intention? Build your own immersive, nature-inspired meditation music.

Relax and Sleep Deep

Guided Meditations for Deep Sleep