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How To Know If Your Phone Owns You

I think our technology and the possibilities it brings are great. Who had thought that we all run around daily with small super-computers in our pockets?

Yep, that’s what our phones are. But whom am I telling that!?

However, as with most technology, they also came with a dark side. Sure, the dark side may have cookies. But the phone in your pockets definitely brings some disadvantages to the table.

One of them is that people get addicted to their phones. When the device beeps, they pick it up and look at what happened. And then they get either happy because something good was delivered or they get disappointed.

And over time many get so addicted that they even imagine the phone beeping when it sat totally quiet on the table.

They check their phone every few minutes. Constantly hoping for good news, getting their little dopamine rush. And getting sad when it’s just something ordinary.

That sounds pretty unhealthy to me. If you are that stage, you became essentially a slave of your phone. It commands your attention all day long. Making you dependent on it.

How do you want to go for your dreams under these conditions?

Most of your energy is wasted on your addiction.

It got impossible.

I don’t like that. A tool is a tool, nothing more. So, I am fighting against that. I want more people to follow their dream life.

The first step is to recognize. So, let’s do a short exercise.

The next time your phone beeps, close your eyes and do not pick it up as long as you can. Observe what feelings, thoughts, pictures, sounds, smell, or whatever pops up in your mind. Notice how you feel about not picking it up.

Write that down to keep that feeling. We’ll use it in the next mail.

Feel free to REPLY with whatever you experienced during that exercise.

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