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Move On. Do Not Open.

it seems you did not listen to a random subject line. Good for you :-)

It’s crazy outside. And in our inboxes too. And it can be crazy inside our heads. If we allow it.

Yep, you read that right. It is a decision. One we make every time, be it conscious or unconscious.

Most of the time we make it unconsciously and never know it was on the todo list and a decision was made. That’s the downside of subconscious automatisms. We do not know it was there.

Luckily, we can practice mindfulness and learn how to move more of those decisions into the conscious part of our brain. Like noticing when the world around is gone crazy and you are going to get sucked in too. But thanks to your practice, you notice it and can make a conscious decision to not get sucked into this emotional rollercoaster.

Instead, you can analyze the situation more rational and then think about it and decide how you want to react.

It does not work always. That’s normal. That’s why we practice. Just use it as a chance to practice mindfulness :-)

Before you dive now into your next practice session, I’d like to point out that I made updates on some tools of us.

  1. The Llamacation browser extension with cute llamas is now also available on Firefox. Plus you can send postcards with those cute llamas and a custom message. The perfect thing to get some fun back. Who doesn’t love llamas?

  2. I added two cute new designs to our Habit Tracker . Now cute cats and monsters help you in sticking with your new habits.

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