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My Cravings Are Gone

Before we start.

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Now, let’s dive into today’s topic.

When I was working in an office, I almost always had this afternoon low. Suddenly, I got tired, lost motivation, and got the urge to eat something sweet.

Be it a Snickers, some Haribos, or some Espresso syrup; I put too much sugar in an Espresso it almost became syrup.

Mood went up a bit up afterward and then dropped again…

And so the cycle started. Maybe you know that too, maybe not. But I guess you know someone with that problem.

The solution for me was simple.

Mindful Eating.

It solved many problems. Not only the cravings.

I lost weight with it without feeling hungry or doing more exercise.

I eat less.

My cravings are gone most of the time.

No afternoon low or the low after lunch.

I know it sounds to be good to be true. But it works indeed. And that with those strict diets where you leave out whole food sections because f whatever rule.

It sounds strange at first but mindful eating is essentially just bringing mindfulness concepts to eating.

Be aware of your hungers (there are different types), eat only with the good hungers, and become aware of your own body and habits.

And your bodily self-awareness will tune in and prevent you from eating all the excessive which results in a growing tummy.

That’s the essence and honestly, it sounds totally simple in words. But it is not because we are dealing with our minds and our own awareness.

Additionally, there are parties out there that will exploit certain principles and will make you eat even you are not hungry…

To defend yourself and help you to gain a healthy body, we wrote a guide to mindful eating.

And today, I can proudly show you a sneak peep for trusted readers.

You can read the guide as an early version before it goes into regular sales. Grab your copy for an all-time low price and enjoy a head start into a healthy body.

You’ll get the book in PDF, ePub, and Kindle versions with lifetime updates. Meaning, when I add the assessment and challenges PDFs later or the audiobook version, you’ll receive these for free.

Mindful Eating To The Rescue

And, as a bonus. If you get it today, I’ll send you a little surprise over the weekend too.

So, let’s eat mindfully and loose weight.

Still reading?

Maybe you are the skeptical one like me. Sure, I’d think too this is just another diet scam. Understand that. I probably had thought that too if I hadn’t experienced it myself.

But mindful eating actually works.

I lost 15kg and they haven’t come back in over a year yet. And I stopped working out since covid....

So, give it a chance and experience it for yourself.



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