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Too Much To Do, Too Little Time?

If your todo list is growing and growing but your time is not, you got a problem. You can’t accomplish most of the stuff.

Common wisdom tries to fix this problem by having better time management. You just need to optimize your mornings, routines, and hell whatever.

The only thing you can’t actually change is time. It’s 24 hours a day and until we change the system it stays the same. And even when we would move to 48h days, it’s just new numbers for the same timespan.

What we actually try is to stuff everything on that list into a 24h period. The period will never change. Only the amount of stuff we pack into it.

And the time we can allocate to each.

5 minutes talking to daughter, checked.

10 min talk to wife, checked.

8 hours work, checked.

4 hours sleep, checked.

Maybe I can go by 2 hours of sleep a day. In intervals. 1 hour during the night and three 20 minutes break during work.

Sounds insane?

It probably is.

Same for using time management to fix the issues.

It’s not about time, it is about priorities.

Having a huge todo list and working through this might not change anything for you. Moving the needle towards what you want to accomplish.

Weeding out that todo list sounds like a good start.

Until you realize, that you don’t know how to decide if something is important or not.

You have no clear goal or sometimes too many.

How do you want to set your priorities straight when you don’t know what you want to accomplish? Or which first?

That’s why it’s the first exercise in the Regain Your Focus course to get your goal, reason, or however you want to call it, clear.

Having a clear vision of what you want to accomplish, is the first step towards reaching it.

Don’t miss that step.

Stop waiting and regain your focus now.

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