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You Can't Always Be Happy

Before we start with today’s‘ topic, I quickly wanted to tell you that I added the mindful eating tracker printable to the Mindful Eating to the Rescue bundle. Just re-download the bundle using the link Paddle sent you to get the printable.

Now, let’s start.

Recently, I had one of the aha-moments when something clicks in your mind and the light goes on.

I was chatting with a fellow business owner and somehow we came to the topic of affirmations and especially these positive ones. And then he said “this always be positive thing is BS. You can’t always feel positive, sometimes life is rough and you don’t feel like that. And that is ok.”

It was the trigger for creating the You Are Ok site. But it was also one that turned on a light bulb in my mind.


Life is about balance.

And then I noticed this in my life.

When I work hard for a while I feel exhausted and I need to rest. Getting my life into balance again.

Because you can’t push endlessly for one thing. Doesn’t matter if it is work or chasing happiness.

Nothing lasts forever. Death aside. But who knows, we’ll see when our time has come.

Happiness is no different. You can’t always be happy. That’s how life is.

We have good times and we have bad times. And plenty of in-between times. A colorful plenty fold of gray shades.

It does not make our life shitty when we are not happy.

Quite the opposite. We can only cherish happiness when it is not always there.

When you had to eat your favorite food every single day, how long would you last until you want something different?

See, you love it, it makes you happy but this will fade if you can have it every single day.


Balance in small things. And in big ones.

If you push too hard into one direction it will either fall naturally back into balance or you’ll break.

The bigger the topic, the heftier the impact on your life.



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